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Contract review & negotiations, corporate legal management and Legal projects

Negotiating and Drafting Technology contracts

LegAdvantage specializes in negotiating and drafting large and complex IT licensing, services and SaaS contracts, both in- and outbound. 

Counsel as a Service - Interim Legal Counsel

Get access to an experienced senoir legal counsel when you need it and for as much as you need it, to cover your legal function on an interim basis.

Corporate Legal Management

LegAdvantage provides corporate legal management services to ensure your corporate governance structure and processes remain compliant and up to date, using your own, or our ready to go documentation and processes. 

Legal Projects and Due Dilligence

Has your corporate structure grown out of control ? Are you entering into joint venture arrangements and you need someone to run the process? Are you setting up inter-company arrangements? Are you in need of some serious additional in-house legal capacity for a specific project, or perform due dilligence activities? With LegAdvantage assisting you, you can get these special projects done efficiently without burdening existing resources.

Practical basic legal courses for employees

Often big and complicated issues arise as a result of employees missing some basic, but useful legal knowledge. LegAdvantage provides practical, on-site or zoom-style courses that help employees safely navigate common contract clauses and negotiations, personal data management, corporate housekeeping, etc.

Set up your legal function

LegAdvantage uses a standardized method to swiftly set up a scalable legal function that immediately starts delivering result and provides you the right structure, processes, clear view on deliverables and ready to go documentation. 

Employee Participation Programs

Retaining talent, allowing employees to actively participate in and having employees obtain a stake in your company may make the difference when trying to coming out a winner. Legadvantage assists medium sized businesses in the Netherlands to set up employee participation programs.

“How can we ensure our legal function really benefits our Company?”

This is a question often asked – without a legal function valuable time and resources are often spent trying to resolve situations that could have be easily prevented and that negatively impact revenue and margin. And it’s usually at this point that external counsel is  engaged to attempt to resolve the issues, often at very high costs. 

But trying to assess and validate the costs/benefits of employing internal counsel to set up, maintain, or increase a legal function is very hard to get right.

LegAdvantage helps businesses to get serious about their legal function in a cost effective way, using its proven LegAdvantage method of organizing an efficient and quality legal function.

LegAdvantage lets you benefit from over 20 years of senior and managing in-house counsel experience in large internationally operating companies in the technology, real-estate and naval sectors and allows your business to get access to a great legal function when and where you need it.

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